martes, 17 de abril de 2007

My comentaries.!
I could eat a piece of cake, and it was so delicious, i recommend to every body that cake... she cooks really well
Your room is so funny, but I don’t think that is your room, because the bed is very small and you are a big woman...
Hey you need, eat more food, you are so slim, you need to eat more meat, chicken and fish..
Hey men i don’t like the team Real Madrid, i prefer the f.c. Barcelona

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

Unit 13. You can´t miss it

The building where may family and i live is behid of the circunvalacion avenue 2, exactly behind of the gas station BP, The name of the buildings is Torre Molino, Building B apartment 23

Unit 16. Please leave us a message

It´s a conversation with my boyfriend, on thursaday at 5:00pm.

Joselyn: Hello?
Dario: Hello, my darling.
Joselyn: Oh baby, How are you?
Dario: Excellent, and you?
Joselyn: Really good, because when I listen to your voice, Ahhh! I go to the sky!!
Dario: Jaja, thanks. Also your voice is sweet.
Well! I call you for invite you to go out today at night.
Joselyn: but! Where?
Dario: It´s a surprise.
Joselyn: Umm! I´m sorry but I´m studyng with Kenia and I can´t go today,
What about tomorrow?
Dario: I want today, I´m so emotion but I can´t do anything.
Well I call you tomorrow. Still studyng.Bye...
Joselyn: Hey, hey, baby babyyyyyyyy.... (crying)
My boyfriend is sad. :'(
Finally we couldn´t go out, but the next day we went out to the cinema :)

martes, 10 de abril de 2007

Uni 9.Broccoli is good for you

Food pyramid.

I´m going to show you, the food that i like and i hate... what I should eat more or less.. lets go!

I love the chicken and meat, i almost all the days I eat with those foods.

I normally eat fish on weekend, i love it. I also eat a lot bread, rice, tomatoes, cheese, milk, and those foods are good.

But i should have a balance diet, because, i don´t eat much vegetables and they are important for my health.

Hey i really, really hate Broccoli, onions, i can´t stand that...

That´s a few about what i eat and i don´t eat.. I know that i should eat more vegetables, but i try every day!

Thanks... please don´t offer me vegetables

sábado, 7 de abril de 2007

Unit 14. Did you have a good weekend?

I died by you, receives me in your heart.
P.D. Jesucristo.

The people take the Easter to enjoy the world, trips, drinks, pleasures, but few persons are who remember their creator

The last week, was Easter, I took as rest, to make my tasks and to think a little about God, he was the person who gave his life by us.

what i did last week?
I worked on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I invited my girlfriend and to my mother-in-law to my house to have lunch, I also shared much with my beautiful mother, in the afternoon I made some activities of the university, On Friday I was almost all the day doing activities for the university.

On Saturday first I went to house of my cousin, I shared in the morning with them and then I went to house of my girlfriend. And finally on Sunday we went to the church in family, the rest of the day rested... my family and I we did not want to travel because always there are bad situations in seasons of vacations

Unit 12. What´s the matter?

At the doctor!
It was a dramatization, I was the doctor, the patient had an earache... it was so good! read it

Dr.Corzo: Welcome.
Ms.Tacoronte: Good morning doctor.
Dr.Corzo: Good morning, please take sit.
Ms.Tacoronte: thanks.
Dr.Corzo: ok! What’s the matter?
Ms.Tacoronte: well! I have an earache, because I was playing volleyball, when the ball hit me.
Dr.Corzo: uh, that’s too bad. Let me check!Yes, your ear is big, and you should have a max pain.Well, take these pills, and take one every 8 hours by 7 days
Ms.Tacoronte: um, I don’t like take pills.
Dr.Corzo: If you want get better soon, take it.
Ms.Tacoronte: ok. No problem.See you later
Dr.Corzo: Bye-bye…

Unit 11.What are you going to do?

This is a report of my favorite season of the year, that in my country we celebrate, the customs, and others things

The Christmas in my country is really good; the reason for the celebration is because in December 24th born Jesuschrist.

I Christmas is a celebration in family, in that season we put many adornments in the houses and streets. Normally we made much food like hallacas, bread of jam, pasticho, turkey, and others.

There are many fireworks, also the people buy toys to give the children and in the stores sold much pretty clothes, too.

When December 24th the parents give toys and present to his children and relatives. Finally December 31st all the people hope the New Year eve at 12:00am o’clock the New Year with many hugs, congratulations and fireworks between relatives and friendships.

I hope that you enjoy your christmas